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Ultimate Leasing - Easily earn new customers for your leasing company

In recent years, the number of organizations looking for leasing, credit and financing assets has increased significantly. To take advantage of these capabilities, each leading leasing company requires a modern, high-tech and innovative software solution for leasing operations that can help them deliver leased assets and products with the highest service class. As one of the major providers of financial and leasing software solutions, with in-depth knowledge and industry expertise, innovative leasing software BankSoft Helps you put the customer first, using a simplified, integrated, and automated leasing software.

Ultimate Leasing: the path to development

By implenting an integrated Leasing Software System, leasing companies can remove fragmented and cumbersome systems that hinder the efficient execution of operations. And instead include more automated workflows to secure a larger share of the actively growing leasing market financing, gain a competitive advantage. Through the Ultimate Leasing and its front-to-back-office system, an enterprising leasing company can provide more reasonable and efficient leasing operations that are needed to achieve growth.

Intelligent leasing software to minimize risk in operating and finance leases.

Providing a real-time overview of information allows a leasing company to make more informed and timely decisions. BankSoft can provide you with a timely and rapid response to market changes with flexible leasing software for operating leases, finance leases, credit and finance that allows companies to make changes quickly and easy, without the need for expensive upgrades. The uniqueness of Ultimate Leasing is that it is a leasing software designed with the utmost flexibility to adapt to the unique requirements of each leasing company.

One Leasing Software System, Multiple Options

Leasing system Ultimate Leasing meets the modern requirements of a leasing business - provides a complete set of functionalities and tools necessary for accurate planning, tracking, management and maintenance in all aspects of asset leasing software.

Ultimate Leasing:

The growing consumer interest in products and lease assets requires leasing companies to look for innovative and modern leasing software to service and automate their business to provide them with a competitive advantage. Obsolete and clumsy software programs to manage the operations of a leasing company impede efficient customer service and do not provide the necessary functionality and automation to optimize the workflow.

Our Software Solution Is an Innovative Leasing Software, Tailored to the Needs of Your Leasing Company

Ultimate Leasing is a web-based modular leasing software that meets the requirements of today's finance and leasing company for performance, reliability and efficiency. With its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, innovative leasing software helps for faster and better customer service. The leasing service system provides comprehensive, end-to-end business process management. Our goal is through the professional leasing system Ultimate Leasing to cover every activity of the sales department and the credit analysts from the moment of offering the lease to the moment of conclusion of the transaction, monitoring of leasing transactions and their accompanying documents to the accounting operations related to operating and finance leases. Ultimate Leasing helps and facilitates the work of both front-office and back office employees.

Leasing Contracts

Ultimate Leasing covers the entire leasing process - from the preparation of the offer to the formation of a leasing contract

  • Management of operational and financial leasing, credit and financing;
  • Preparation of a bid / request for a lease;
  • Conversion of the prepared offer / request into a contract for a concluded leasing transaction;
  • Automatic inheritance of information when passing through different negotiation stages - bid, request and lease agreement;
  • Automatic or manual assignment of a commission and interest rate;
  • Add additional payments to the lease - taxes, fees, and more;
  • Automated management of the entire life cycle of the lease;
  • Manage a registry with clients and counter-parties;
  • Automatically generate and recalculate a maturity plan;
  • Generate and print invoices for a client at a repayable lease installment;
  • Generate a pass-through protocol;
  • Registration of court requests to a client.


With the help of Ultimate Leasing you receive information about payments and amounts due to each customer of your leasing company in real time

  • Receive information about amounts due;
  • Payment by payment order or immediate debit;
  • Invoicing;
  • Receive information about accrued penalties for past due;
  • Early repayment of the leased loan or credit;
  • Track payments;
  • Information about the additional fees due for the lease.


Ultimate Leasing services automatically the accounting activities related to the formation of contracts, the processing of payments and the issue of invoices

  • Automatic payment service under a leasing contract;
  • Invoicing and payment of installments;
  • Managing early lease purchase of assets;
  • Posting a lease;
  • Accounting for invoices, invoice payments, deliveries and others;
  • Accrual of default penalties;
  • Option for manual posting.


Ultimate Leasing offers an exhaustive set of reports needed for the operational work of a leasing company as well as the submission of the required information to tax and other administrative offices. BankSoft offers a well-developed software solution for leasing to organize and receive such reports. With their help, you can monitor the results of your leasing company and make more efficient management decisions.

  • Generate standard reports for all aspects of real-time leasing business;
  • Generation of customer references - operations and movement on leasing accounts, overdue receivables, installments and other;
  • Generate portfolio reports;
  • Financial reports, regulatory references, business inquiries and more;
  • Create your own personal reports;
  • Export reports to MS Excel.


Ultimate Leasing allows the administrator's control panel to determine what access to information to have or what features each employee of your leasing company.

  • Possibility of confirmation of a lease by a second person;
  • Restrict or grant access to users from different levels;
  • Easy setup - Create groups and roles and include users in them;
  • Access tracking;
  • History of changes made;
  • Information about the creator of a document;
  • Documents are protected by encryption;
  • Option to add fixed interest, personally for each client.

Core advantages of Ultimate Leasing are:

  • Ultimate Leasing is flexible and dynamic leasing software that can be configured to suit your leasing company's needs;
  • Working with a centralized database;
  • More efficient management of leasing contracts;
  • Centralized and electronic invoicing;
  • Reduces costs and increases productivity;
  • Reduced operating and leasing risk - Provided access to all customer information, Lease contracts, Assets;
  • Load individual maturity plans from an external file;
  • Functionality for adding insurance to a lease asset;
  • Automatic payment service under a leasing contract;
  • Different roles and user access levels;
  • High level of security and protection.

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