Leader in software development.

BankSoft is a leading Bulgarian software company, specialized in the development of integrated software solutions for banks, financial institutions and companies from different sectors of the economy.

Throughout its many years of history, BankSoft has established itself as one of the major companies serving the banking sector, consistently completing an electronization in over 70% of the country's banks. In addition to bank software solutions, the company offers specialized software systems for leasing companies, financial institutions and manufacturing businesses.

Over the years, BankSoft has been involved in developing and maintaining software systems in the following areas:

  • Banking - Banking Information System (BIS), Card Payment System, Internet Banking and more;
  • Leasing - Lease Management Software, User Information System for Lessees;
  • Insurance - Insurance Software, Insurance - Accounting Software, Digital Archive;
  • Finance – Software Solutions for Loaning, Micro-Lending and Factoring
  • Industrial - ERP system, Accounting Software, Document Management System (DMS);
  • Public Services - Collection System for Utilities and other institutions;

The BankSoft team consists of nearly 40 highly qualified IT specialists. The main part of the team consists of experts with extensive experience in developing software solutions for the financial and banking industry. Many of them hold internationally recognized certificates and are members of various IT associations and communities.

The company has highly qualified specialists in various IT areas - project managers, business analysts, technical documentation, testers, system administrators, support consultants, and developers.

For the development and recruitment of new staff, the company employs mostly young, newly graduated specialists who undergo in-house training, after which only the most successful candidates are appointed.

In addition to its own team, BankSoft maintains long-lasting partnerships with consultancy and design companies that services often use in the implementation of some projects.

  • 1992: The company was founded in Plovdiv in 1992 with the main business of development and implementation of banking and financial-accounting systems. Already with its inception, BankSoft began developing a comprehensive banking service system called Banker. The system was completed and implemented in 1992 in BSI Mineralbank and First Private Bank. Within a period of 3-4 years, Banker became a major banking information system in a significant part of the commercial banks in Bulgaria. At the same time, BankSoft is working hard on a new version of the product called Banker 2, which has significantly enhanced functionality.

  • 1995-1997: BankSoft begins work on a software system desinged to serve large businesses and manufacturing businesses. This is the beginning of the stock-accounting software Ultimate.

  • 1997: BankSoft launched an innovative project for the development of Banker version 3 on the highly-penetration of web technologies. The team involved in the construction of a system includes leading software specialists and economist consultants who are well acquainted with the activities of commercial banks in the country. This has led to the success of the project and the Banker 3 system, which is fully web-based, has been put into real operation as a major banking system at Bulbank in August 2000.

  • 2001: After the succes of Banker 3, BankSoft makes a decision to make a complete redesign of Ultimate, relying entirely on web-technologies. The outcome came in 2003 when the company announced its refreshed and upgraded Ultimate.NET product.

  • 2002: The company began developing software to service peripheral banking activities such as internet banking, card payment services, mass payments, and more. The Internet Banking System was first installed in 2003 at ProCredit Bank under the name ProB@nking.

  • 2003: BankSoft launched a project for a system to automate the operations of leasing companies. As a result, a dedicated software product Ultimate Leasing was introduced on the market. The first product introduction was in EFG Leasing in 2004.

  • 2005: The resources of BankSoft are aimed at developing a factoring software system. The development has been successfully implemented in UniCredit Factoring.

  • 2010: Banksoft launched a project to develop a software system for digital document storage. The system is called iRhive and with it the company is starting to develop a strategy for the development of systems dealing with digital documents.

On October 15, 2010, BankSoft successfully passed the certification process in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 by Bureau Veritas Certification with scope of Software Development and Support.

Since 2007 BankSoft ltd. is a golden level partner of Oracle


Along with its commercial activities, the company has always sought to develop community service practices. Banking Information System Banker is used for the training of students at the National High School of Commerce in Plovdiv. Also at the Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv there is a specialized course on banking information technologies using the Banker 3 software solution for practical exercises. Course lecturers are BankSoft leading experts who help students consolidate and develop their knowledge.

In addition to the grant of intellectual property, the company sponsors ideas and projects primarily related to the training and development of high school and university students. Every year, BankSoft organizes volunteer training for high school students to enhance their interest in the IT sphere and guide them to their possible future development at university.