BankSoft is a company fully profiled in the development of software solutions for different sectors of the economy. The company has two software development directions. One is primarily related to the development and improvement of existing software systems of the company. The other direction is the creation of innovative products and services matched by the development of BankSoft and the execution of individual custom projects.

After the implementation of each information system, its support starts. This is precisely the service in which BankSoft has concentrated a lot of resources and resources in order to provide high quality service to its clients. In this way, customer relationships do not end when software is delivered and deployed, and vice versa, BankSoft provides the necessary technical assistance so that customers can remain fully satisfied with their choice of software and provider.

BankSoft has extensive experience in consulting services in the IT sector. Based on this experience, the company provides advise to its customers how to best use information technology to achieve their business goals. BankSoft offers from one-time technology consultations to complete IT project preparation and management. This includes research and business analysis, drafting of technical terms, management and project monitoring until completion.

The company offers outsourcing services to Bulgarian and foreign clients, thus providing a cost-effective solution to their customers. In addition to software outsourcing, BankSoft offers outsourcing services to maintain and manage software systems, sparing the need of acquiring additional highly qualified staff to their clients.