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Ultimate Insurance Broker: Your Insurance Partner

With the ever-changing market and striving to be one step ahead of your competitors, you need insurance software to help you become the first. BankSoft is your partner who will provide you with the most innovative and also manageable information system for insurance brokers in support of the needs of the insurance sector. Through insurance software Ultimate Insurance Broker we will help you face both today's and tomorrow's business challenges. Together with our team of professionals, we have created a modular insurance software system that meets the specific needs of each insurance business. BankSoft has invested heavily in the development of software products on the basis of yesterday's experience of future needs. Professionally designed insurance software will not only meet your expectations but will also exceed them.

For the last 20 years BankSoft we have designed, developed and deployed software solutions in over 100 organizations across Europe. Many of these organizations are global companies and software solutions developed by BankSoft they managed to form strategic platforms to manage their business. During these years, we have helped our customers to reduce costs, expand market share, increase their competitive edge, and respond quickly to market changes.

Ultimate Insurance Broker: Dignified Software for Insurance Brokers

Business continuity is essential to success and therefore our company policy builds on values that support this continuity to be preserved. The key values of the insurance system - reliable, modern and flexible - are not only an integral part of the way we work but are also the basis of our software solutions, to provide you with continuous improvement in everything we do.

Ultimate Insurance Broker: Reliable

We provide a reliable information system for insurance brokers. We share our values with our customers and strive to offer a high level of excellent customer service. We maintain a high level of commitment and responsibility to improve and enhance the quality of specialized insurance software.

Ultimate Insurance Broker Insurance Software: Advanced

Inspired by the past and built for the future, the Ultimate Insurance Broker software solution is built on a modern architecture inspired by the experience of more than 20 years of providing software solutions to the insurance industry. We are familiar with the innovations in our customers' business, the challenges that face the day-to-day market demands. That is why we are confident that we provide the most appropriate insurance software.

Ultimate Insurance Broker: Flexible

Not every insurance business is the same. Insurance software Ultimate Insurance Broker can be tailored to meet your specific needs, enabling you to characterize your organization with uniqueness. We give you the ability to configure the modules in the best way to suit your workflows.

Why Us?

  • The team of BankSoft works actively to provide you with total peace of mind and satisfaction with working with us.
  • Our high quality standards, combined with our proven working methods, are accredited with a certificate according to ISO 9001: 2008 by Bureau Veritas Certification. We know that customers value our commitment to quality.
  • Proven experience over the years.

Insurance Software Ultimate Insurance Broker is a fully integrated web-based modular information system for insurance brokers operating with a single database. Innovative insurance software maintains a full set of basic insurance features - subscription to system customers, quotes for offers, insurance offers, new policy register, manual renewal, policy renewal automatically from insured data, registration of addons and damages , invoicing, cash receipts, payments, commissions, reports, reports, a module for creating separate commission reports to other insurance brokers and suppliers. Insurance software Ultimate Insurance Broker has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface specifically designed for insurance brokers and agents.

Depending on your needs and requests for Insurance Software Ultimate Insurance Broker, new functionalities can be added or already existing can be expanded. The use of an information system for insurance brokers reduces the costs of introducing and renewing policies and increases the efficiency of business processes. The comprehensive insurance system ensures high data security and archived documents.

Offer Request

Insurance Software Ultimate Insurance Broker offers the possibility for its users to send inquiries about different types of insurance to all insurance companies.

  • Send queries and exchange real-time data;
  • Preparation of offers and proposals;
  • Ability to edit queries, offers and offers;
  • Conversion of the proposal / offer into a policy.


Ultimate Insurance Broker has an architecture that also allows you to deal with the most complex insurance requirements.

  • Automated Full Life Cycle Management;
  • Paysay, invoicing and payment of installments;
  • Attach documents and files to a policy;
  • Automatic or manual commissioning;
  • Edit a policy;
  • Adding appendix;
  • Registering damage on a policy;
  • History of a policy;
  • Generate a list of policies in Excel;
  • Wide range of search filters.

Renewing Policies

Ultimate Insurance Broker allows insurance brokers to generate their own renewal lists.

  • Automatic or manual renewal of policies;
  • Preparing a list of non-refundable policies;
  • Ability to track reinsurance calculations;
  • Elaboration of notification letters for expired or renewed policies;
  • Opportunity to change the insurer;
  • Loading policies from MS Excel.


Ultimate Insurance Broker has the functionality to generate financial statements related to the insurance business.

  • Generate different types of reports;
  • Easy reporting of reversal operations;
  • Creating a payment order statement;
  • Issuance of Credit Statement of Credit Report;
  • Marking installments or policies for inclusion in a "For commission only";
  • Easily track the life cycle of a report with the help of different statuses;
  • Automatically and manually assigning billing contributions;
  • Automatic posting, invoicing and payment reporting procedures;
  • Attach documents and files to a report.


Ultimate Insurance Broker maintains the damage recording function and managing their entire life cycle.

  • Register of damages paid;
  • Simple and automated recording of damage;
  • Generate proxies (templates);
  • Attach documents and files.


Ultimate Insurance Broker provides full control and management over payments under insurance policies.

  • Automatic allocation of payments;
  • Processing of unpaid payments;
  • Posting Payments;
  • Reversal of posted payments.


Ultimate Insurance Broker allows the administrator's control panel to determine what access to information is or what functions each user of the information system for insurance brokers should perform.

  • Restrict or grant access to users from different levels;
  • Easy setup by creating groups and roles and including users in them;
  • Ability to track access;
  • Documents are protected by encryption.

Benefits to your business when using insurance software Ultimate Insurance Broker are:

  • Reduce costs when performing insurance activities;
  • Increase profitability;
  • Improving the workflow;
  • Increased customer satisfaction;
  • Increase sales opportunities for additional products
  • Achieving long-term goals;
  • Expanding new markets.

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