Ultimate Accounting

Comprehensive accounting software

Develop Your Business with an Innovative Solution

The rapidly changing market requires leading companies and businesses to respond adequately to any change in the external factors of the business environment. With the development of technology, you are given the opportunity to provide the necessary competitive edge with appropriate and up-to-date accounting software that is in line with the changes. Accounting plays a key role in managing and managing the entire business process. BankSoft offers complete accounting software – Ultimate Accounting. The accounting program is tailored to the needs of businesses, while helping to improve workflow efficiency and greater profitability. Modern accounting software reflects the diversity of our customer base and is available in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.

Ultimate Accounting - The Perfect Accounting Software: Tailored to your Corporate Identity.

Centralized accounting program Ultimate Accounting not only simplifies routine tasks, but also provides an ideal tool for conducting in-depth analysis when needed. Professional accounting software is easy to use when performing multiple daily accounting operations - balance, credit and debit, multi-line order, chart of accounts, analytical and synthetic accounts. Reliable accounting software reduces administrative activity and saves valuable time and money. The accounting program Ultimate Accounting is designed to meet the requirements of small and large companies.

Take Control with Ultimate Accounting

Accounting operations take time, and accountants are making mistakes to comply with deadlines. Intuitive accounting software Ultimate Accounting facilitates the work of the finance and accounting department, helps to reduce mistakes and increase the efficiency of work. The large set of automated processes contribute to the performance of accounting tasks on time. Provided by accounting software Ultimate Accounting ensure that you are familiar with the current state of the organization and will make it easier for you to make adequate business decisions.

Business Benefits of Using Specialized Accounting Software

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase profitability
  • Provide a competitve edge
  • Complete business process management
  • Achieve long-term goals

Why choose BankSoft?

  • BankSoft has years of experience in building and implementing software solutions for the economic sector - accounting software, leasing software, bank software.
  • The team of BankSoft works actively to provide you with total peace of mind and satisfaction with your business relationship with us.
  • Our high quality standards, combined with our proven working methods, are accredited with a certificate according to ISO 9001: 2008 by Bureau Veritas Certification. We know that customers value the given from BankSoft promise for quality.

The Transaction Accounting Program Ultimate Accounting is built on a modular principle that allows adding functionalities to the needs of the company. A specially developed set of accounting procedures allows you to define individual rather than standardized solutions. The advantage of accounting software developed by BankSoft is that it works with a centralized database that allows several employees to work simultaneously with the accounting program. This contributes to a more effective introduction of the huge document flow - balance, credit and debit, multi-line order, chart of accounts, analytical and synthetic accounts. The Ultimate Accounting accounting program is built to process large amounts of information, making it suitable for both small and large companies and businesses.

Modern financial accounting software allows the development of an individual chart of accounts and analytical reporting. You define yourself the synthetic accounts you will use in your accounting processes, as well as their characteristics (nature, balance, currency, etc.). Innovative accounting software provides for an automatic account opening at the time of purchases and sales, which only relieves the direct business of the accounting department.

Document-oriented accounting software Ultimate Accounting provides a good tool for systematizing information in a centralized accounting database by using so-called folders that facilitate and speed up the further input of accounting data, retrieval, and data editing. The accounting operations recorded in the accounting program - balance sheet, credit and debit, multiple order, chart of accounts, analytical and synthetic accounts are assigned to a selected folder and are thus classified.

Multi-line Order

The Multiple Line Order Module is part of accounting software Ultimate Accounting with the help of which the accounting operations required by the user are designed and executed. The multi-line order gives the user the greatest freedom in performing accounting operations. All of this is in line with current standard accounting and regulatory requirements that are automatically tracked by the innovative accounting program. In this accounting module, there is no limit to the number of articles and the number of rows in the article, provided they meet the reconciliation principles.

Numerous Control Points Help Reduce Errors in Accounting Operations:

  • The module does not allow the creation of a negative balance on accounting accounts;
  • Does not allow unclear correspondence between accounts within each accounting article;
  • Monitors the arithmetic reconciliation of accounting operations;
  • Access can be limited to certain accounts, in order to ensure the necessary discretion;
  • Controls are also included, violations of which will result in the display of the relevant messages and job instructions.

The controls described above show that a significant part of the work of verifying the legality and the lawfulness of bookkeeping is provided on a program basis.

Purchases / Sales

The form in the accounting program Ultimate Accounting is used exclusively for the registration of the purchases / sales transactions and serves as an official document to the tax authorities under the VAT Act. These are invoices, customs declarations, reports, tax returns and other standard documents under the Accountancy Act. After completing the form, the data from the primary document is automatically included in the purchase / sales logbook and VAT logbook.

In warehouse and accounting software the documents are divided into two main streams - purchases and sales, and depending on what purposes they serve, they are displayed in the modules - accounting and warehouse. In addition to the required attributes, a standard document is attached to each accounting document.

  • Automatically generate an individual number when creating new purchase / sales documents;
  • Option to manually add a document number, the accounting program checks the number to not duplicate;
  • Disclosure of an account if the selected counterparty does not have an account;
  • Post an added document;
  • Registering payments by document;
  • Cancel and delete a record as needed;
  • Print one or more documents at a time;
  • Export documents to an XML file.


The VAT module of the software Ultimate Accounting has the functionality to retrieve a large set of reports required for the quality of the operational functioning of the accounting department, preparation of monthly information to be submitted to the tax authorities and completion of the reported tax period. Professional accounting software provides the option of forming and displaying screens and storing sales, sales, VIES declarations according to the requirements of the VAT Act and the Accountancy Act.

  • Display purchase / sales log information;
  • Listing VIES-declaration information;
  • Export data to MS Excel;
  • Save data to external media with a single button;
  • Reporting Statement - the data is extracted from the purchase and sales logs;
  • Completion of tax periods;
  • Preparation of an annual VAT return.


In Ultimate Accounting a module for operating with documents concerning cash payments, by accountable persons and by bank transfer is included. Income / cost orders can be posted one by one or several orders at a time.

  • Processing of revenue and expenditure cash orders;
  • Processing of documents relating to payments by accountable persons;
  • Reporting relating to cash operations;
  • Post several documents at a time;
  • Print documents;


Periodically it is necessary to generate reports from the accounting base necessary for the operational work of the company, as well as to present the required information to tax and other authorities. Accounting Software Ultimate Accounting offers a well-designed system for organizing and receiving such reports - working, analytical and chronological payroll, general ledger, monitoring of counterparty obligations and printing of accounting day papers, and more.

  • Generate a large set of reports - payroll, debt tracking, analytical payroll, general ledger, account statement, and other.
  • Personal report settings;
  • Export reports to MS Excel;
  • Printing of accounting documents on paper.

User Rights

Ultimate Accounting allows users to register. Each entry created in the accounting program keeps information about which authorized employee has created it. Part of the user's registration is the rights that he or she will receive as such. Reliable accounting software ensures that it will not allow unauthorized access and user actions that are not allowed. Different users with individual rights can be grouped together. Creating the concept of group is to quickly and easily register users of the accounting program. The rights given to the group are automatically inherited by each member.

Core advantages of using Ultimate Accounting:

  • Intuitive user interface;
  • Centralized data base;
  • Increased productivity and profitability;
  • Built-in controls to help reduce errors in the accounting process.

Advantages for the financial and accounting organization and its employees:

  • Function for the simultaneous handling of the warehouse and accounting software of several employees of the accounting department;
  • Creating an individual chart of accounts and analytical accounts - synthetic and analytical accounts;
  • Systematizing and classifying information by folder;
  • Group Posting of Documents;
  • Unlimited number of accounting operations with different credit and debit accounts in the same document;
  • Account opening when creating a new accounting document;
  • An individual number is generated for each document;
  • Verification of the validity of each accounting document;
  • Adjustments to accounting records;
  • Filter to search by a range of criteria;
  • Linking accounts with counterparties, accountable persons, financially liable persons;
  • Create accounting periods;
  • Control of changes in accounting records after the relevant accounting period;
  • Create VAT logs;
  • Quick and easy transfer of purchase and sales dials on external carrier when posting invoices for purchases and sales.
  • Packaged Posting - Goods receipts are recorded during the accounting period and are booked one time at the end of the accounting period;
  • Automatically accruing exchange rates and revaluing currencies;
  • Generate a large set of references according to the criteria to be used for the report;
  • Loading reports in MS Excel;
  • Export XML data.

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