Online Leasing

End-User Information System

Nowadays, the leading leasing companies rely more and more on new information technologies to meet the wishes and needs of their customers. BankSoft has over 20 years of experience in building automated software solutions for business processes. The goal of BankSoft is to always encourage customers to have greater expectations of online solutions and e-services that they provide. We do not rely only on the known success schemes and we are not confined to certain services or industries to work on. We strive to provide innovative software solutions, not standardized, to build web-based information systems whose architecture and functionalities fully meet the individual requirements and business model of the financial and leasing company. The team of professionals from BankSoft is committed to providing you with a software solution tailored to your own business standards, rules and specific needs of leasing companies. With our software products, you will gain an advantage over competitive leasing organizations and increase your customer satisfaction with asset leasing users. With market skills accumulated over the years, we know that we will meet your high expectations.

With the development of technology, each lessee expects to be given access to the most reliable, accurate and up-to-date information on his electronic invoice, repayment schedule and lease contract. That is why we have developed an online Online Leasing user portal, using the latest information technology for electronic data transmission to meet your customers' requirements. Through it, you save the money needed to distribute documents - an electronic invoice to each lessee, a repayment plan, a notification letter, and the leasing company's customers save time. Users of Online Leasing portal are given the opportunity to get complete knowledge of their leasing contracts without the need for long phone calls and without having to visit an office. Information on an electronic invoice, lease agreement, etc. is presented in a complete information system with an intuitive interface that is fully in line with the corporate design.

What is Online Leasing?

Online Leasing is an innovative portal through which, with the assistance of ourselves, the financial and leasing company provides additional services to its lessees through electronic channels. This is where all the documents are placed - an electronic invoice, repayment plans, notification letters related to the signed lease agreements. Users of Online Leasing information system have access to their 24/7 account, which provides timely information and clarity on the state of the lease payments, liabilities and other.

Why Online Leasing?

Daily leasing companies generate a large number of documents for lessees. Organizing, classifying and sending paper invoices takes a lot of time and money. Online Leasing provides quick and easy sending of electronic documents over the Internet. The innovative consumer portal is a convenient means of storing electronic invoices and documents throughout the life cycle of leasing contracts. Online Leasing increases customer satisfaction by providing your employees with a direct connection to end users.

Digital Invoice

Generating an electronic invoice provides quick and timely notification of obligations. The on-line Online Leasing online portal takes care of the monthly electronic invoice sending to the lessee through electronic channels, keeping the exact timeline for viewing the received electronic invoice through the user information system.

Reduce Costs

Reduce your operating and administrative costs by using a Online Leasing - a comprehensive online consumer portal to provide topical leases for all lease leases. Online Leasing combines information from heterogeneous systems such as online portal users provide quick and easy access to full and up-to-date information on notification letters, repayment plan, electronic invoice, and more.

Everywhere, Anytime

Online Leasing is built using the latest technology that allows users of the portal to always be informed by being connected through the online consumer system with the finance and leasing company. Documents - an electronic invoice, a repayment plan, a leasing contract from the user portal can be viewed from any place where the user is located - in their home or office, and regardless of the device they use - the computer, the tablet, the smartphone needed is only to have access to the Internet.


Online Leasing is based on Microsoft. NET Framework and complies with all existing standards and best practices known in the market. BankSoft has extensive experience in business process automation. We have the ability to integrate Online Leasing with the back-office system you are currently working with, using the information from financial accounting and leasing modules.


With the up-to-date consumer information system Online Leasing , you will increase customer satisfaction by providing a number of online services:

  • Receipt of an electronic invoice signed in accordance to local legislation on Electronic Signatures and Electronic Documents;
  • Online payment of installments and obligations;
  • Review and print of leases;
  • Obtain a current repayment plan;
  • Receiving documents and notices relating to leasing contracts;
  • Reference for arrears and obligations;
  • Information on insurance policies relating to leasing assets;
  • Receiving individual offers;
  • Notifications about current promotions;
  • A secure archive of all electronic invoices and documents;
  • Customize Account;
  • History of visiting the portal;
  • Ability to notify by email or phone when a new document or electronic invoice is available in the user information system;
  • Reducing time for obtaining electronic documents.

Security and Protection

Online Leasing is an intuitive portal with maximum data protection in the information system.

  • Access to the system is through a username and password;
  • Access is through an encrypted HTTPS protocol by using a server certificate that also serves to ensure the identity of the server;
  • The online system requires characters from a captcha after three unsuccessful login attempts;
  • The user information system automatically monitors the use of the password and prompts it to change the set interval;
  • Processing of documents in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation on Electronic Signature and Electronic Document.

Advantages for End-Users:

Advantages for Businesses:

  • Increased satisfaction;
  • Time conserving;
  • Online payment of the obligations by electronic invoice;
  • Timely disclosure of liabilities and unpaid contributions;
  • Ability to download and print all types of documents - contract, repayment plan, electronic invoice, notification letter;
  • Track insurance related to the assets of the lease;
  • Faster receipt of documents;
  • Permanent access to all information about the lease;
  • Manage notification when receiving a new document or electronic invoice;
  • Personal data protection by encrypted HTTPS connection;
  • Security of document storage;
  • Receiving individual offers and offers from the leasing company;
  • Coordinates of the personal manager and contact with him.
  • Improving customer service;
  • Increasing sales opportunities for additional products to existing customers;
  • Optimizing payment processing;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Facilitate sending mass messages to the lessees;
  • Processing of documents in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation on Electronic Signature and Electronic Document;
  • Monitoring and control of electronic documents and invoices sent;
  • Information about review of a document or an electronic invoice on the part of the client;
  • Send individual messages to individual users with personalized offers;
  • Saving time and money needed to distribute documents;
  • Reducing book archives;
  • Support of documents in various electronic formats.

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