Digital Documents Archiver

iRhive: Security in Document Storage

Each company generates and processes multiple documents related to its activity. Very often, the volume of these documents grows significantly with the development of the company, and their use and storage are becoming more and more labor-intensive. Meanwhile, a number of questions come from customers, business partners, merchants, suppliers, and others who need answers. Authorized employees must have immediate access to all these documents. Quickly finding a specific document contributes to the high efficiency of the workflow in each organization. Storing a large amount of paper archives hides the risk of their loss or damage. This raises the need for a modern solution for organization of document flow and work processes - electronic archive iRhive. The imposition of paperless technology will bring you advantages, both from an organizational and economic standpoint as well as from purely ecological point of view. Electronic archive iRhive will help you organize and digitalize the document flow in your organization.

The Professional Choice for Storing, Organizing and Sharing your Documents

Digital archive iRhive is a complete software solution for organizing, managing and running electronic documents in your organization, whether small, medium or large. The levels of access to documents are determined by you. Each employee may have a different access right for different types of electronic documents. This provides additional security for your information. The electronic archive system saves time for your employees to search, exchange and access documents, even in a large electronic archive.

An End to Lost Documents

BankSoft we will offer archiving software for managing electronic documents and new generation correspondence to instantly access all kinds of documents. Create, share and edit all kinds of files. Forget the waste of time to search in repositories or wasteful printing. You already store and share documents across the web, between departments or employees via digital archive iRhive.

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