Banker 3

The Solution of Tomorrow. Today.

New Generation Banking Systems

The fast-growing and dynamic banking market is extremely competitive. Existing customers should be kept and new ones attracted, which often contradicts the need to reduce costs and improve efficiency of the workflow processes. Banking software solutions offered by BankSoft will help you focus on customers and gain competitive advantage by providing greater customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

Banker 3 - Forefront Solution for Banking Operations

Over the years, a long list of multi-national banks, ranging from the largest to the smallest, has trusted Banksoft's advanced software solutions. Our modern banking software reflects the diversity of our customer base and is available in different configurations to meet the needs of customers of all sizes. Banking Information System, Banker 3, is based on a modern and open architecture. This allows Banks to adapt the entire banking system to their specific business requirements, ensuring their economic efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

    Our reputation, as well as the reputation of our products is built upon:
  • Voluminous experience in IT and Bank Software Development;
  • Utilization of foremost technologies;
  • Cost-effective and innovative Solutions;
  • Finance Software with proven quality;
  • Expert after-sale support service;
  • Consolidating with our clients;
  • The Achievements and success of our clients.

Face the Challenge!

The banking industry is witnessing a revolution in products, processes, markets and laws. It is a revolution that can not be stopped or delayed. The only option is for banks to adapt quickly to the dynamic market conditions. Whatever the challenges ahead of your bank, BankSoft can help you face and overcome them.

Put Your Bank Ahead with Powerful Banking Software

Banker 3 is one of the most reliable banking software solutions in the industry. BankSoft works closely with clients and technology partners to keep up with customer requirements, bank status, and new technology to develop high-end bank software. Banker 3 achieves high performance in a banking environment by expanding the system architecture and adding new features. Banker 3 not only offers a wide range of functionalities, but also provides software customization with state-of-the-art business solutions based on the latest information technology.

Attracting and retaining customers and their capital is paramount for banking institutions. Banks strive to maintain revenue streams, offer new services and products, focus on customer satisfaction, efficiency, risk management, and cost savings. With the development of technology, banking institutions are increasingly dependent on quality and innovative IT solutions. Therefore, BankSoft has developed a document-oriented banking banking system Banker 3 to respond to changes in the business environment and business, ensuring greater profitability and competitiveness.

Banker 3 is a modern banking information system (BIS) designed to service and accommodate the business processes taking place in the commercial bank, as well as its relationships with its clients, partners and regulators. We understand that each bank is different, so Banking Service Software - Banker 3 is built on a modular principle, allowing for easy reconfiguration according to your specific organizational and functional structure.

Optimize, consolidate, and transform your software system to the latest financial software market trends.

Banker 3 enhances performance by integrating various business functions such as accounting, card management, deposit and credit management, customer and account management, trade finance, transfer of funds, budget payments, cash operations, processing of requests received from the bank's electronic channels and others. Automated business processes help to reduce errors and increase productivity, and the centralized database provides access to all the information in real time. The Innovative Software System Banker 3 provides a comprehensive set of modules that offer solutions to all aspects of banking. Banker 3 offers a set of over 80 modules for complete servicing of banking operations. Banker 3 is a software solution tailored in accordance with the most advanced information technologies used in banks and financial institutions.

Front Office

The front office module of Banker 3 allows for quick and easy service of individuals and legal entities. Through it, bank employees can provide customers with all the services the bank offers. This component opens and closes clients' records, accounts, deposits, and more. All references, contracts and documents that the bank provides to its clients are also available in this module of the bank management software.

The information software system allows the operations accepted in the Front Office to be automatically processed or to be re-controlled in the Banker 3 Back office, in accordance with the bank's requirements.

Back Office

The Back Office module is focused on all the functionality of bank management software that is not related to direct customer service. Hence actions such as processing of accounting operations, payment management, bank transaction confirmation, and more - take place here. From this part of the system the software allows for management of bank cards, credits, treasury operations, and received requests from the bank's electronic channels.

The core of the Back office unit is the Banker 3 reference system. From here, a variety of reports are provided, which serve to provide the necessary information to the various departments of the banking institution.

Administrator Module

Through the Administration Module, the banking information system can be easily configured and tuned. Access to it is usually held by the IT Banking Administrators and specialists from different departments within the Bank. This part of the system also enables the bank to define access control, tax setting, system registry setup and many more.

Banker 3 has a well-developed system for controlling user access to the application, as well as basic objects in the modular software for servicing banks - accounts, modules, documents, actions (change of status) as well as other specific activities. The main holders of rights to the objects are users and groups. In this way, administrators of the banking system can indicate to which operations any employee or group of employees has access to.

Banker 3 is a document-oriented, real-time transaction banking system. The business logic of intuitive bank servicing software is embedded in so-called accounting documents that can be easily and quickly configured using a program called document designer, even by bankers with no IT experience. Bankers using the system and working with accounting documents do not need to understand banking accounting because the software system will perform the accounting operations instead.

Accounting documents are processed in a centralized transaction environment, which has previously been subject to strict business rules for data processing and validation. This ensures the correct execution and validity of the operations.

Data Storage and Security

The data of all financial software is stored in a centralized database rather than in multiple local databases by individual branches. This architecture brings many benefits related to information management and archiving, disaster recovery and risk management. The system is designed to work seamlessly with a large volume of input/output data.

With regards to security, bank management software is designed to comply with all standards and best practices in developing highly efficient software solutions. The system has strict rules for usernames and passwords, binding access to the system with a digital certificate and IP address, expiration of sessions and more.

User Interface

Banker 3 has a quick-to-learn and intuitive user interface that is optimized to work with the Internet Explorer browser. Menus and screens are designed in a way that maximizes the convenience of users of specialized banking software. Entry forms have a validation check, thus making it impossible to enter incorrect data. Input forms for bulk payment documents copy the type of original documents, making it easier for users to quickly adapt to the system.

System Information

The software is developed in accordance with all standards and best practices for the development of a software management system for bank management. It is designed as a web-based application and uses three-tier architecture. This makes the financial software for a banking institution easily scalable, and when the load is increased it can be expanded by adding additional servers.

The latest version of Banker 3 was developed on the Microsoft .NET platform. The programming language used for the development is ASP.NET. Besides the capabilities of the technology used, many libraries developed by BankSoft have been developed in Banker 3 . These are CarbonLib - a library used for generating reports and preparing documents for print, the AccDBX - Document Posting Library, DBAbstraction - database link library, and more.

External Systems API

This financial software is designed in a way that it can easily be integrated with external modules and systems. At present, the banking software Banker 3 has built-in access to the Internet Banking platform of BankSoft , iRhive documents and the ePay online payment system.


The Banking Information System Banker 3 is provided with a complete set of documentation - User Guide, Administrator's Guide, and other training materials.

On-hand developers and bank experts from Banksoft will be made available during training as well as later on, to help bank staff quickly and easily learn about the software product.


The integrated bank management software comes with standard subscription support including a wide range of services. The range of maintenance (beyond the standard) can be increased according to the requirements of each customer.

Our clients can take advantage of the organized HELP DESK which is available 24/7. In an emergency situation, BankSoft provides an immediate on-location response to the client.

Core Advantages:

  • Intuitive interface;
  • Flexible and easy to use adminastration system;
  • Quick and easy customer service;
  • Increasing workflow efficiency;
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of new product lines;
  • The architecture of Banker 3 allows for integration with external systems.

Advantages for the Bank and its Employees:

  • Centralized Transaction Environment
  • Performing real-time transactions;
  • Servicing payments and budget charges
  • Ability to service the card system;
  • Automatic processing of banking operations;
  • Payment Management;
  • Managing bank cards, credits, treasury operations;
  • Manage Received Queries from the Bank's Electronic Channels;
  • Generate a large set of reports;
  • Export reports to MS Excel.

High-level Security:

  • Embedded controls help to reduce errors;
  • Different roles and user access levels;
  • User Access Control;
  • Re-validation of banking operations;
  • Digital footprint about the creator of each document;
  • Intergrated, reliable database
  • Documents are protected by encryption.

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