BankSoft signed a contract with Piraeus Bank to implement a new joint project - Loan Origination System


BankSoft and Piraeus Bank will again work together, this time to build the Loan Origination System, specializing in the management, examination and approval of loan applications received by the Bank.

Successful implementation of a new core system in Cash Cloud


Cash Cloud's business-specific cash flow system has been successfully deployed. Through it, the overall activity of the financial institution in South Africa is managed.

From June 2016, Banker 3 successfully serves the needs of Agrion Finance Ltd.


The leading Bulgarian company, specialized in the professional management of agricultural assets - Agrion has expanded its activity in the field of financing. Since June 2016, Banker 3 has successfully served the needs of Agrigento Finance EAD.

Europe's second most secure bank - Ziraat Bank, successfully deployed Banker 3 in the branch network in Bulgaria


In the beginning of 2016, Banker 3 was successfully implemented in the real working environment of Ziraat Bank Bulgaria.

Development of the eFactoring client portal for UniCredit Factoring


Successful launch of an online service, facilitating factoring transactions - to exchange electronic information and documents between the users of the portal and UniCredit Factoring.

BankSoft's family grew with another leading bank in the country - Invest Bank


One of the most dynamic Bulgarian banks - Invest Bank is already part of the BankSoft family. Invest Bank 2016 started with the new software product Banker 3.

Implementation of a new version of Ultimate Factoring at DSK Bank


The opening of a new business unit at DSK Bank - Commercial Factoring started with the introduction of an updated version of Ultimate Factoring and integration with the core system of the Bank.

The implementation of Distraints Software System at Piraeus Bank is completed


The distraint messages and account management system successfully serves the needs and automates the distraint activity at Piraeus Bank Bulgaria. The full range of nomenclatures allows fast and convenient introduction of new distraints for both financial and banking clients as well as non-customers.

iDocs with new design


BankSoft has developed new iDocs design that offers intuitive functionality to make it easier for you to work with your documents. To take advantage of the capabilities provided by iDocs, please visit - https://my.idocs.bg

Launching an online service for the clients of Allianz Leasing


The online portal of Allianz Leasing provides access for the lessee to the latest information on leasing contracts - monthly statements, invoices, payments.

Devin Co. Ltd. has started using iRhive


The family of iRhive increased by one more member - Devin Co Ltd. The iRhive software system successfully stores the company's document turnover. Sign up to test the different options and explore the Demo version of the product- www.irhive.com

BankSoft signed a contract with a leading bank in the counrtry - Invest Bank


BankSoft signed a contract for the software product Banker 3 with another of the leading banks in the country. In the beginning of 2016, the product will be implemented in a real work environment.

Certification of the software system of RZI Plovdiv


Visualization and editing applications RZI Plovdiv - Digital Services passed a successful certification procedure. The system is certified in compliance with the requirements for interoperability and information security.

Ultimatе Leasing successfully implemented in Allianz Leasing


Ultimatе Leasing has successfully been implemented in Allianz Leasing, the software product will service its entire business.

BankSoft fulfilled an public contract


BankSoft successfully implemented a software system for public procurement with subject Implementation of an Integrated Information System and Provision of Digital Services in RZI - PLOVDIV under Operational Program "Administrative Capacity".

Ultimate Insurance Broker implemented in UniCredit Insurance Broker


The Ultimate Insurance Broker software system, for the full service of insurance brokers, was introduced into UniCredit Insurance Broker.

iRhive successfully implemented in Profilink Ltd.


The iRhive electronic document storage system will be used to archive building, technical and financial documentation of Profiling.

BankSoft signed a contract with Allianz Leasing


BankSoft has signed a contract to provide Ultimate Leasing for one of the largest leasing companies in the country. Thus, BankSoft has consolidated its position as a major software provider in the leasing sector in the country.

BankSoft closed a deal with RZI Plovdiv


BankSoft signed a contract with RZI Plovdiv under Operational Program Administrative Capacity, subject Implementation of an integrated information system and provision of electronic services in RZI - PLOVDIV. The contract was signed after BankSoft won a Public Procurement Contract.

BankSoft became a key partner in an innovative project of Bulgarian - American Credit Bank


BankSoft Ltd. was selected to participate in a large-scale project for the construction of innovative banking internet services for the clients of the Bulgarian American Credit Bank. The project is expected to be completed within 8 months.

iRhive sucessfully installed in UniCredit Leasing


The iRhive electronic archiving system has been successfully deployed in UniCredit Leasing. The system will store the entire electronic communication of the company with its customers.

BankSoft became a key partner in an innovative project of Bulgarian - American Credit Bank


BankSoft was chosen to participate in a large-scale project of Bulgarian-American Credit Bank for the construction of innovative Internet Banking services.

The SI Finance Group migrated to Banker 3


The non-banking financial institution - SI Finance Group, offering fast express loans, switched to the Banker 3 software system for full servicing of its activities.

MFI JOBS installed Ultimate Leasing


Ultimate Leasing was successfully implemented in the Microfinance Institution JOBS at the Bulgarian Development Bank.