Ultimate Utility

Information System for Utility Companies

Ultimate Utility: Made by professionals, For Professionals.

The centralized information system Ultimate Utility for utility companies is a high-tech innovation that meets all standards of performance, security, reliability and cost-effectiveness. With its help, you will easily and quickly manage payments and accountability for electricity, water, steam and gas.

At BankSoft we know that the efficiency of the innovative water and sewerage system is vital to your success. So, we are dedicated to delivering a high quality product for public utilities with innovative, flexible and financial management, customer billing and management, customer service to best meet your needs - allowing a smooth and seamless interaction between you and your users.

One System, Many Possibilities.

Ultimate Utility will provide you with opportunities to:

  • Develop;
  • Increase efficiency of operations;
  • Simplify operations;
  • Offer new services to clients.

Our Clients, Are Our Number 1 Goal.

BankSoft offers you one of the best functional and flexible software solutions in the utilities sector. Our priorities are to offer you software that is:

  • Reliable;
  • Easy to use;
  • Innovative;
  • Easy to manage;
  • Secure.

Whether your organization is large or small, Ultimate Utility is built with features that reflect the specific business requirements of each customer.

Professional software system Ultimate Utility is characterized by unparalleled data quality and high level of integration capabilities in the IT network. Banksoft guarantees, that every component works in the best way for your business.

The modern information system for utility companies Ultimate Utility is an integrated software solution for the overall management of water bills. BankSoft offers you complete software for utility companies that includes the most advanced and powerful customer management features, cash and non-cash payment of bills, online payments, data management and metrics, sales log, generate reports, and more. The modular information system for water and sewerage companies has a flexible interface and easy-to-manage modules that allows for complete life cycle management of an account. The flexible software model for water and sewerage companies allows you to expand and adapt to your business.

The integrated information system Ultimate Utility will make it easier to work by removing many manual operations and errors, processing real-time data, and providing information in plain language on the screen. Ultimate Utility high-tech software has time-saving payment options, flexible automation, intelligent document management, and unparalleled integration of features.

Customer Management

Specialized software for utility companies Ultimate Utility has an easy to use client management module.

  • Index of users;
  • Enter different types of subscribers with full information about them;
  • Verification of subscriber's obligations;
  • Managing bad subscribers - filed cases (court);
  • Generate notification and warning letters;
  • Ability to choose where to send the bill;
  • A wide range of search options;
  • Editing data;
  • Customer History.

Managing consumption reports

Ultimate Utility provides the ability to quickly and easily read readings.

  • Index of consumption meters;
  • Easy and fast reading readout;
  • Reporting by region, water meter or subscriber;
  • Distribution of readings;
  • Transfer of assets and liabilities;
  • A wide range of search options;
  • Editing data;
  • History of meters.


Ultimate Utility provides secure control over payments.

  • Automate payment processes;
  • Receiving real-time information about amounts due;
  • Cash, non-cash and online payments;
  • Advance, partial and deferred payments;
  • Payments on filed cases;
  • Tracking late payments;
  • Calculation of interest;
  • Generation of payment documents - invoice, interest account, summary invoice;
  • Recapitulation;
  • Reports - by date, by operator, interim financial report, financial statement - completion and others;
  • Payments tracking;
  • Large set of search filters;
  • Links to fiscal devices.


Ultimate Utility provides you with a choice from hundreds of types of reports. BankSoft can create report inquiries at your own request and according to your business needs.

  • A variety of reporting formats;
  • Quick access to data required for reporting / accounting;
  • Export to MS Excel;
  • Summarized and detailed reports;
  • General and control reports;
  • Accounting reports.

Additional Functionality

Other Functionalities of Ultimate Utility include:

  • Preparing VAT reports for a given period;
  • Provisions - devaluation of liabilities;
  • Transfer of assets and liabilities.


To easy the work of the employees, Ultimate Utility offers you an expanded set of settings.

  • Personal settings for system users;
  • Allocation of liabilities;
  • Tarrifs;
  • Arrears;
  • Conditions of meters;
  • Type - subscriber;
  • Type - meter;
  • Type - payment;
  • Areas and industries;
  • Address of receipt;
  • System Settings via Admin Panel.

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