Digital Document Reception

Receiving documents electronically is a convenient solution for both publishers and recipients of electronic documents. Once the publisher signs an electronic signature with the documents he wishes to send to the recipients, they are recorded in the system for receiving electronic documents iDocs. Each publisher has an administrator profile from which the notification emails are sent to recipients of electronic documents containing short information and a link to the documents. The recipient can confirm receipt of a document and track the history of the document.

Benefits for Publishers:


Benefits for Recepients:

  • Digital documents are processed in accordance with the local legislation on Electronic Signature and Electronic Document.
  • Saved time and money needed to distribute documents.
  • Support for documents in different formats.
  • Access to documents anywhere at any time.
  • Documents are stored in a secure electronic archive.
  • Faster receipt of documents.
  • Manage notification when receiving a new document.
  • History of document review.

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