Document Flow Management

DocsWorkflow Software: Digitalize the Future

Many companies are looking for ways to automate document flow and improve enterprise performance. Innovative document transfer software DocsWorkflow is much more than an archive or secure solution - With the implementation of rules and actions of your choice, the modular document flow system automates business processes by saving you time and money, freeing you from unnecessary resources. Too much time is lost to track the progress of the task and get projects from point A to point B to point C. The current document flow software DocsWorkflow stores and manages your files, information, projects, documents, collects data in a single centralized system - so you always know the status of each project and task.

DocsWorkflow Software: Simplify Day-to-Day Processes

Document storage and management system DocsWorkflow provides organizations with a solution to automate document processes and collaborate between departments. The document management system DocsWorkflow is easy to configure, the route and document management capabilities can be customized to meet the needs and specific business processes of the company. Integrated document transfer software DocsWorkflow will provide you with a fast return on investment and unmatched benefits for your organization.

DocsWorkflow Software: Integrated Content Management

DocsWorkflow is a web-based information system for storing and managing documents with integrated modules that maintain and process the turnover data of electronic documents, paper documents, document routing, person responsible for execution, department and directorate, setting of deadline implementation, easy viewing and approval of documents, monitoring of results and others. Dedicated document flow software automates workflows and allows employees to create, view, approve, publish, direct documents and tasks to departments / individual employees in accordance with company policies and procedures. The User Interface of the Electronic Document Flow System DocsWorkflow is user-friendly, intuitive, uses hints and a wide range of ease-of-use features.

Access, Storage and Management of Documents and File Content

  • File storage is unlimited in kinds of files;
  • Access to file content is managed through the check-in - check-out functionality;
  • Document flow software DocsWorkflow provides mechanisms guaranteeing the integrity of a document - not breaching its integrity since its creation;
  • Editing of file content;
  • Scanning and attaching documents.

Automating the Digital Document Flow

  • Fully covering the activities related to information processing and analysis and document turnover;
  • Optimizing workflows, accepting, processing and issuing documents, and shortening processing times;
  • Digital document movement in professional document transfer software DocsWorkflow, including resolving and moving to another department or employee;
  • One or more documents can be combined in one procedure for issuing and registering documents;
  • Term of performance of the service or procedure and receipt of information at any time for expired and expired terms of the documents;
  • Printing of outgoing documents according to the data entered in the document flow management system, including financial documents - invoices, orders and other;
  • DocsWorkflow allows the generation of random documents as well as the actions with them. It is accounted for is the grouping of packets of documents in separate modules and groups in order to create working screens of the individual structural units of the company;
  • Possibility to enter a unique register identifier and name of the type of the registered documents, according to the departmental nomenclature of the documents;
  • Ability to issue an opinion on a document;
  • Status of the task being processed.

Automatic Payment Obligations

  • Registration of all payments for services and activities to the company - in cash and by bank transfer;
  • DocsWorkflow may be integrated into an electronic payment environment;
  • Ability to export to accounting software.

Classification schematic

  • For each section of a given level, there is the functionality to define subdivisions for the next level of classification;
  • An object may be classified multiple times in one or more sections, at different levels of the classification scheme of the relevant type;
  • The section may be a subsection of other sections, at different levels of the classification scheme of the respective type;
  • The document flow management system enables customization of the rights to change the organization of the variable sections;
  • Track all payments and accrued payables to individuals and partners.

Users of the Document Management System and Access Rights

  • Strict control over the access rights of individual employees to the information and status of the tasks assigned by defining user access rights for employees;
  • DocsWorkflow is a multiuser system that allows the simultaneous operation of an unlimited number of users;
  • Keep a list of work positions, setting for each workstation is set in the system's service modules;
  • All actions for deleting or editing documents can be set as rights for each user of the electronic document flow management system or for a certain level of access - a user group.

Other Functions

  • Find data across multiple criteria, allowing users to easily find documents that are important to them;
  • Reports needed for organization of activities;
  • Ability to integrate thw software with an online customer portal;
  • Keep a story - user who made the entry, entry time, edits, and more.

DocsWorkflow Document Flow Software allows you to drastically reduce your costs:

  • Reduce paper costs;
  • Reduce priting costs;
  • Reduce document storage costs;
  • Reduce document search time.

DocsWorkflow Document Flow Software allows you to increase the organization's workflow efficiency:

  • Reduce processing time and time spent organising documents;
  • Automate document flow processes;
  • Activity settings;
  • Co-operation across departments;
  • Co-operation with suppliers and partner;
  • Define and automate business policy rules;
  • Business rules are seamlessly integrated into electronic forms, processes and reports;
  • Control workflow, reports, activity;
  • Process exceptions.

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